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I'm a brazilian Nerdfighter, and big fan of all John Green's books! He just changed my life with them! How can I want someone else if I got Gus Waters/Pudge/Colin/ Quentin? Increase the awesome and decrease the world suck, right?! Feel free to divide your pain, your curiosity or just your thoughts! DFTBA! - Amanda

TFIOS fandom survey (status: closed/wait for the results)

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Anonymous: ""We are reading the story of our lives. As though we were in it. As though we had written it." ~Unknown."

I’m totally in love with that quote! Thank youu (:

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Anonymous: "Your blog is on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend 🎢"

Awwww, one of the cuttest quotes! Thanks <3

Message me a quote that describes me or my blog (:

Message me a quote that describes me or my blog.

Anonymous: "Sorry for that weird ask, but i'm happy that you like them too! And yes, the photo that he took with John is PERFECT! HOW CAN THEY BE SO PERFECT??"

No problem sweet! Actually I was here just fangirling and telling my mom about how cute they are! She loves Ansel and John too, and now, she wants to see Dylan because I was talking to her about him haha  All I have to say is that… Few things in life are just inexplicable. lol

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Anonymous: "Do you like Ansel right?! I just wanted to fangirl with someone because I'm DYING WITH THE PHOTO OF ANSEL AND DYLAN O'BRIEN! Did you see it?! I LOVE BOTH AND THIS IS SO PERFECT"

YESSS! One of the most perfect photos I ever seen since John took a selfie with Dylan! I love both too and that photo is giving me feelings! Ansel’s cute face and Dylan’s perfect smile… OMG lol

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YAAAAY, congrats John! Well deserved. (:


Maybe okay can be our always.

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Anonymous: "You're a huge fucking loser nerd"




Amazing gif (and an even amazing-er use for it). *Nerdfighgteria forever!*



The vlog brothers URLs suck


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To think that these days will never come back

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